My Top 5 Must Have Items In My Diaper Bag

I have found that with each of my boys this has been different. Here are my top 5 must have items for each baby besides the obvious diapers, wipes, etc.


Kaleb Aiden

  1. Receiving Blankets. He spit up A LOT. I would have at least 4 handy in my diaper bag at all times.
  2. Pacifier. He was my binky baby. He had to have that and his blankie or else he would REFUSE to do anything especially sleep.
  3. Lotrimin.The only time he would get a diaper rash is when he was teething. They would come on quickly and make his little bum bleed. The only thing that worked for these rashes is Lotrimin or a store brand that has the SAME active ingredient.
  4. Puppy Pad. What an odd item, right? I would use these to change him on in restrooms. After use, they were tossed as to not bring germs into my diaper bag.
  5. Change Of Clothes. I cannot count the times he coated our clothes in spit up. A change of clothes (or 2) were a neccessity!


Kamden Alaric

  1. Orajel. He is a hard teether. No diarrhea like with Kaleb. Instead, he gets miserable. This helps soothe his aching gums.
  2. Light Up Toys. He had a rough start and the only thing that gave him comfort many times is something that lights up.
  3. Amber Teething Necklace. He usually wears it, but after it is cleaned it sometimes gets tossed in there so it is not lost. I found mine at a local thrift store for around $25. If you order online, make sure you get authentic amber.
  4. Tylenol/Motrin. He started teething at 2 months. At 7 months he has 4 teeth. His teeth make him MISERABLE. This helps ease his pain so he isn’t so grumpy.
  5. Gripe Water/Gas Drops. I selected both products since we used them for basically the same thing. Kamden was tongue-tied and fought awful gas issued early on. We did our best to prevent it, but the gas drops and gripe waters were life savers!

Every baby is different. Both my boys are complete opposites so my diaper bags were completely different. Everything I thought I would need for my second baby I have barely used. Kaleb was very self-reliant and never wanted to be held. Kamden is attached to my hip since he had issues early on. We tried EVERY soothing method ever.

It is best to be prepared as possible for a new baby, but you can never be 100% prepped!

What are your must have items in your diaper bag?


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