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25 Ways To Be A Better Mom

I’ve always been told that as a mom, if you often wonder if you are a good mom, then you are. I still find myself sitting down several times a day pondering. Am I a good mom? How can I be better? My 4 year old and I put together this quick list for any moms out there who want to be a better mom!


1. Give Eskimo kisses

2. Give A High Five

3. Do A Craft Together

4. Play Dress Up

5. Build A Blanket Fort

6. Dig In The Dirt

7. Play In The Rain/Water

8. Color

9. Make Up A Silly Song

10. Make Favortie Snack And Binge Watch Favorite Shows/Movies

11. Say “I Love You”

12. Jump On The Bed Together

13. Dance Contest

14. Say “Yes” More

15. Play Hide & Go Seek

16. Take Turns Reading Books To Each Other

17. Treasure/ Scavenger Hunt

18. Say “You’re Really Good At That”

19. Create a Song Together

20. Play Air Guitar

21. Play Tea Time

22. Paint A Picture Together

23. Climb Trees

24. Pick Flowers/ Make Table Decoration

25. Piggy Back Rides


I’m sure Kaleb would also want to add “eat snacks all day” as well…. But we all know that is not happening. We do however have days where we snack MORE often. He LOVES strawberries, so these are often included in snacks. Hope you enjoy this list we put together! Keep your head up mommas. There is no way to be a perfect mom, but there are a thousand ways to be a good mom!

Can you think of anything you would add to this list? Try asking your children! You will be highly surprised at their answers!


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