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Why I Am Happy To Be An Ordinary Mom

Ordinary Mom

We all as moms strive to be extraordinary at what we do. Who doesn’t want to be that mom who can create every recipe and craft she finds on pinterest with ease? Who doesn’t want to be the mom who brings all the homemade snacks to the PTA meetings? The mom who is on time for every event and never forgets what day it is? Well, I don’t. I just find that I have more important things to occupy my mind with.

It isn’t that I don’t ever make a recipe I find on the internet and nail it. Often, I make homemade meals and snacks. And, yes, there are a few times when I bring my a-game with punctuality. I just don’t go out of ym way to do these things on a daily basis. I would much rather spend more time with my kids and less time being a perfect mom.

“There is no way to be a perfect mom, but a thousand ways to be a good mom.”

Why strive to be perfect when I can be good and still have some of my sanity left? Instead of perfecting every aspect of my life, I can instead enjoy every moment.
A perfect example of enjoying the imperfections is the bunny craft Kaleb and I attempted to make this morning. Last night I found a super cute bunny craft perfect for Easter. It was also one of the few we had all the materials for. This morning we sat down eager to see our finished results. It was a disaster. Nothing would stay glued. His googly eyes would not stick to anything. He was lopsided would not sit on his bum. Sounds terrible, right? Wrong. We had so much fun! The craft was far from perfect, but we had smiles on our faces the entire time. Nothing beats a good laugh in a sticky situation!


This is the craft Kaleb and I tried to make. I am fairly certain the cause of this fail was our dollar tree glue sticks, but that’s a story for another time. Here you can find the tutorial and try it out with your little one! I’d love to see your end result!

Being an ordinary mom does not mean that I never have moments where things go fantastic. For me, it just means focusing on the enjoyment of the task, rather than making the end result perfect every time.

Are you an ordinary mom?

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