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Tablet Shinanigans

I haven’t written a post in a good minute or two.  Although I don’t have many followers, I feel I should let you in on what’s been going on.

My. Tablet. Won’t. charge.  It is only a few months old and I have tried every angle I can to get this device to charge. We are taking a trip to Walmart today in hopes of a solution  since I bought the 2 year service plan through them

 I never received a pamphlet from them, however, the cashier reassured me if anything happened to it AT ALL it would be replaced. 

We don’t buy many items that require a service plan, so this is a new venture for us. 

Not many people talk highly of Walmart, so I’m doubtful. I also worked at Lowes for 2 years prior to having my kids also their protection plan is tricky.

Here’s to trying to remain positive and survival Walmart with 2 kids!!!

What’s your experience with Walmart service plans I’d love to know!

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Why I Am Happy To Be An Ordinary Mom

Ordinary Mom

We all as moms strive to be extraordinary at what we do. Who doesn’t want to be that mom who can create every recipe and craft she finds on pinterest with ease? Who doesn’t want to be the mom who brings all the homemade snacks to the PTA meetings? The mom who is on time for every event and never forgets what day it is? Well, I don’t. I just find that I have more important things to occupy my mind with.

It isn’t that I don’t ever make a recipe I find on the internet and nail it. Often, I make homemade meals and snacks. And, yes, there are a few times when I bring my a-game with punctuality. I just don’t go out of ym way to do these things on a daily basis. I would much rather spend more time with my kids and less time being a perfect mom.

“There is no way to be a perfect mom, but a thousand ways to be a good mom.”

Why strive to be perfect when I can be good and still have some of my sanity left? Instead of perfecting every aspect of my life, I can instead enjoy every moment.
A perfect example of enjoying the imperfections is the bunny craft Kaleb and I attempted to make this morning. Last night I found a super cute bunny craft perfect for Easter. It was also one of the few we had all the materials for. This morning we sat down eager to see our finished results. It was a disaster. Nothing would stay glued. His googly eyes would not stick to anything. He was lopsided would not sit on his bum. Sounds terrible, right? Wrong. We had so much fun! The craft was far from perfect, but we had smiles on our faces the entire time. Nothing beats a good laugh in a sticky situation!


This is the craft Kaleb and I tried to make. I am fairly certain the cause of this fail was our dollar tree glue sticks, but that’s a story for another time. Here you can find the tutorial and try it out with your little one! I’d love to see your end result!

Being an ordinary mom does not mean that I never have moments where things go fantastic. For me, it just means focusing on the enjoyment of the task, rather than making the end result perfect every time.

Are you an ordinary mom?

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A Letter To My Four-Year-Old, Stay You

Dear Kaleb,

You came into this world at 7 pounds 4 ounces without shedding a single tear. You had no fear of birth. The lights and coldness did not faze you one bit. Still to this day you show no fear. You show bravery in each and every day you tackle.

My pregnancy with you was surreal. Before I knew it, it was over. My belly grew each and every day, gaining a few stretch marks along the way. When morning sickness hit, I would plead to you to give mommy a break. I used to sing to you. When I was feeling down, I would place my hand on my belly and talk to you. I told you how loved you were. I would tell you silly stories of my life before you.

I remember the first time I held you. I could not believe it. I was a MOMMY. I did it. I survived child-birth and brought this beautiful blue-eyed boy along with me. All the hustle and bustle going on in that room, but my focus was on you. How perfect you were. You rarely cried and when you did it broke my heart into a million pieces.

You took your time with learning how to crawl. You were very particular in how you wanted to do it. Around 11 months, you started to pick up speed and by your first birthday you were unstoppable. I remember the day you stood by yourself for the first time. I had handed you your sippy cup and we were getting ready to go outside for a bit. I turned my back to gab something and turned around and there you were. STANDING!! I screeched in excitement and cheered you on.

You waited until Mother’s Day to take your first steps. I expected you to take off as I had seen every toddler do, but not you. One foot at a time, step by step, you walked. I was so proud of you for each step you took. Every time you would fall, you;d pick yourself up and smile while I gleamed with pride. I am your biggest fan. I hope you always remember that. I will pick you up every time you fall and push you forward to be your best.

You don’t meet a stranger. It scares me to death so I always keep you close. Every person you meet is your best friend. I tell you “Don’t talk to strangers” and your response is “Mommy, he is not a stranger. He is Steve, the pizza guy and he drives a blue truck!”

When you walk into a room in instantly lights up. Everyone’s gaze is on you. Your smile can make anyone smile. When someone is down, you have this way of cheering them up. How? You are only four. Your kindness and compassion  cut through anyone’s bad day.

Kaleb, you are so smart. I can teach you things and you pick up on them so quickly. Your knowledge greatly exceeds any expectations I could ever have. There is nothing I have tried to teach you that you have not learned.

We butt heads at times, but I know it is because you are just like me. Hard headed, independent and strong-willed. Neither of us want to accept no as an answer. We would always rather do things our way and by ourselves. Who needs help? Not us.

You used to need my help. I treasure those memories. There are a handful of things you need my assistance doing and I will them for as long as I possibly can.

I never wished for you to grow up. Every second with you I wanted to last a lifetime. Time is an evil process that slowly takes you away from me it seems. Each day you need me less and less. I, however, will always need you.

You are and forever will be my baby. I know you don’t know it, but you saved me. At a time in my life where I just wanted to give up and let the darkness win, you were there. Just simply THERE. My reason for getting up every morning, striving to give you the best.

I hope you know how loved you are and how hard I have worked to give you everything you deserve. Everything I never had. Everything you need and so much more.

I don’t think I ever truly believed in love at first sight until you made me a momma. You are so perfect and such a blessing to everyone’s life you touch.

You question everything and while it drives me cray sometimes, I hope you never stop. Question everything in life. Find out the answers. Never accept no as an answer. Stay independent. Be strong-willed and push to be your best. Stay you, Kaleb. Don’t allow this world to change a single thing about you. I love you and every aspect of you. So, please, stay you.

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Teaching Chores To Your Toddler Like A Boss

Chores. No one likes to do them, but they have to be done. I have had several of my mommy friends ask me “How do you get your toddler to do chores?” There is no quick fix. You cannot snap your fingers and wiggle your nose and get results. My 4-year-old, Kaleb, has had chores since he was a baby.

My trick? Make it FUN! Toddlers are at the age where they want to do what they want, when they want. If picking up toys is a dreary task, chances are they will not even attempt it. Create a song for cleaning up toys. Dance in between each toy you pick up. Let them see YOU having fun and they will chime in.

For Kaleb, chores just ARE. What does that mean? As far as he can remember there has never been a time when they did not exist. There has always been SOMETHING he could help with. Whether it be getting clothes out of the dryer, turning lights off,or putting silverware away he has always participated. My best advice? Start early. The earlier you instill the idea of cleaning and picking up into your children, the better. It was not until my teen years I got smacked in the face with chores. I was overwhelmed. As crazy as it sounds, I had no idea how to clean. My idea of clean never met my sisters concept of tidy. I eventually caught on, but it took me a bit.

This leads me to my next tip, teach them to clean. Just as they have to be taught to walk, talk and crawl, toddlers also need to be taught how to do the chores. You cannot simply tell them “clean your room” right off whip because they will have NO idea what you expect. Tots need to know what you expect as a finished result and what steps to get there. Make the bed? Show them. Let them watch you make yours a few times, then help them make theirs. Why not turn on some music and cut a jig while you’re at it?

  • When a child finishes a chore, let them know how proud you are! Treat them to a snack or a trip to the park. Kaleb loves being instantly rewarded for completing chores. Not only does he get a boost to his pride, he also gets to reap sweet rewards!

It goes without saying that you cannot give a child a task that is above their ability. Kaleb, like many toddlers achieve a feeling of grand accomplishment when he completes a task I have set out for him. The smile on his face when he comes running up to me to come check out his finished work. He takes pride in his work and now, enjoys completing a chore. You cannot expect a 2-year-old to fold laundry or empty trash.

As your child does a chore, bear in mind they will do it at their age level. Kaleb can sweep and mop the floor pretty well…. for a 4-year-old. I never expect the floors to be spotless after he finishes. Usually, he gets his go after I have swept and mopped most of the floor first.

I have compiled a list of chores for a 4-year-old. Kaleb is a bit advanced and has a few chores not listed. There are also a few on here that he does not do. Take a moment to reflect on what you do daily and incorporate your child in as many moments as possible.

  • Wipe counters/table
  • Make bed
  • Clean up room
  • Feed/water pets
  • Water the plants
  • Rake leaves
  • Weed the garden bed
  • Clean toilet (with kid-friendly cleaners)
  • Sweep/mop floors
  • Check mail
  • Putting groceries away (cans, dried goods)
  • Empty bathroom trash
  • Wipe baseboard down
  • Match socks
  • Sort clean silverware
  • Set table
  • Vacuum using a hand vac
  • Brushing animals
  • Throwing diapers away
  • Putting bottle/dishes in the sink
  • Assisting with dinner
  • Loading dishwasher

I a few companies I use for cleaning products for the kids are:
(NOTE: these are not affiliate links. I do not receive any compensation)

Always remember, consistency is key with anything when it comes to toddlers. Chores are no different. implement one or two chores at a time. Let the get accustomed to a new idea and then perfect it as much as possible.

I hope you enjoyed reading! What are some chores your children have and what are their ages?

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25 Ways To Be A Better Mom

I’ve always been told that as a mom, if you often wonder if you are a good mom, then you are. I still find myself sitting down several times a day pondering. Am I a good mom? How can I be better? My 4 year old and I put together this quick list for any moms out there who want to be a better mom!


1. Give Eskimo kisses

2. Give A High Five

3. Do A Craft Together

4. Play Dress Up

5. Build A Blanket Fort

6. Dig In The Dirt

7. Play In The Rain/Water

8. Color

9. Make Up A Silly Song

10. Make Favortie Snack And Binge Watch Favorite Shows/Movies

11. Say “I Love You”

12. Jump On The Bed Together

13. Dance Contest

14. Say “Yes” More

15. Play Hide & Go Seek

16. Take Turns Reading Books To Each Other

17. Treasure/ Scavenger Hunt

18. Say “You’re Really Good At That”

19. Create a Song Together

20. Play Air Guitar

21. Play Tea Time

22. Paint A Picture Together

23. Climb Trees

24. Pick Flowers/ Make Table Decoration

25. Piggy Back Rides


I’m sure Kaleb would also want to add “eat snacks all day” as well…. But we all know that is not happening. We do however have days where we snack MORE often. He LOVES strawberries, so these are often included in snacks. Hope you enjoy this list we put together! Keep your head up mommas. There is no way to be a perfect mom, but there are a thousand ways to be a good mom!

Can you think of anything you would add to this list? Try asking your children! You will be highly surprised at their answers!